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Schindler Elevator Corp.

Schindler Elevator Corp. - U.S. Headquarters

Morristown, NJ:

Architect / Lighting Designer: ikon. 5 architects, Princeton, NJ
Designers: Joseph G. Tattoni, Benjamin Petrick, Michael Zereva, Renuska Papalexiou
Photography: James D'Addio

In renovating its U.S. Headquarters building, Schindler Elevator Corporation wanted to maintain a minimalist design aesthetic in keeping with its global brand- a Swiss company known for precision engineering that is a leader in providing innovative and energy efficient solutions for moveable transportation in buildings. ikon. 5 architects' design for the building incorporates the red and white colors of the Swiss flag as simple unadorned planes and a mix of artificial and natural lighting to convey a sense of movement through space. Recessed luminaires in the corridors create 'framed' lines of light that convey the illusion of movement. In selecting the project for the award, the judges commented that these lines of light "give the feeling of looking down an elevator shaft".

Congratulations to the design team at ikon. 5 architects on earning Architectural Lighting's 2014 Commendable Achievement award!